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Rock Band Mosh Pit
The bouncer will give you a toss into the mosh pit. Try to rip your solos above the crowd.
7534 player clicks
Rock Band Rampage
Bash everything in sight using your guitar, like the spoiled rock star you are. Destroy!!
4703 player clicks
The Dirty Punk Anarchy Machine
Mix your own punk rock using "The Dirty Punk Anarchy Machine." Featuring lots of cool sounds.
8944 player clicks
Guitar Crazy
Select your favorite little woodland creature and take to the stage to go Guitar Crazy!
12215 player clicks
Band Wars
Will your Rock band become a success under the spotlights? Find out in Band War.
22885 player clicks
Guitar Man
Fly through the sky on your electric guitar killing baddies with your skills.
14294 player clicks
Match the notes very quickly in this high-speed guitar game.
53524 player clicks
Punk-O-Matic 2
Customize a new punk band and start composing your own music! Play in story mode.
43989 player clicks
Gibson Virtual Guitars Fail
Choose from a variety of classic Gibson guitars, but they don't sound very good.
130781 player clicks
Rock Star Bunny Guitar Game
Help Bunny the Rockstar customize her guitar, then head to the garage or the stage to jam chords.
48069 player clicks